How we make Made Mindful VCO

From the Farm

Our VCO process starts with coconut farmers in the provinces of Quezon and Bicol, Philippines. The plantations we work with are small, but they’ve had agro-production training and decades of hands-on experience. We work only with farmers who do not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides -- they don’t need to! The soil, topography, and climate in these provinces are ideal for coconut plantations. Their agricultural land is blessed with plenty of sunshine and evenly distributed rains throughout the year. Our partner-farmers harvest and de-husk the mature coconuts, and once they deliver the crops at the exchange site, they are paid upfront in cash and at a rate that’s above the market average.

pressing of the meat

To extract the oil from the coco meat, we use only a mechanical device called an expeller press. This high-pressure machine squeezes out the oily goodness from the meat without the need for chemicals. We at Made Mindful love the good old-fashioned mechanical pressing, and the pure, unrefined coconut oil that comes out of it.

This pure oil then goes through a centrifuge that removes remaining sediments and clarifies the product. It also passes a de-moisturization plate that eliminates traces of moisture and bacteria.


We test this extracted oil for consumer safety, shelf life, and quality. Because our VCO is mostly unprocessed and contains no preservatives or additives, we want to make sure that it’s safe to add into your food, not too greasy or irritating when applied to skin or hair, and storable in your cupboard or cabinet. Now you can enjoy virgin coconut oil, knowing that it’s responsibly sourced and extracted, and utterly safe for your day-to-day use.


Made Mindful Virgin Coconut Oil is available at Watsons, ShopeeLazada and our website.

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