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Made Mindful brings the tree of life into your life

There is an unspoken beauty about the mighty coconut tree. It is related to life in all its forms, providing shelter, food, water, milk, and oil. It is part of our diet, self-care routine, and mindful habits. 

All of our products are derived from the tree of life, grounding you back to nature and reminding you that taking care of yourself and the Earth should be a priority all the time.

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Bianca king mademindful founder

Bianca King is the soul behind Made Mindful

After becoming aware of the harm caused by toxic chemicals in ordinary personal and household care products, and being deeply bothered by the plastic crisis in the Philippines, she knew she had to find a way to help decrease the problem.

We invite you to open your home and heart to mindfully made products that put the environment and community first.

Our impact

Our choices matter. We hear that all the time, but it’s not until we see it with our own eyes that we understand how our choices can affect the amount of landfill waste on the planet and the livelihood of others.

Landfill Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels

We are committed to supporting the livelihoods of Filipino coconut farmers and the education of students in Lucban, Quezon through scholarship programs.  

By making small adjustments to your shopping habits and purchasing our products, you are contributing to a sustainable economy and helping us help others.

Did you know that the Philippines has the third largest coral reef area but is also the third largest plastic waste contributor worldwide? 

From the 2.7 million tons of plastic generated in the Philippines each year, around 20% of this ends up in the ocean. We encourage you to help put an end to this.

Let’s make consumption sustainable again

Even as conscious consumers, we may put aside the extra effort of figuring out how to properly dispose of our waste. We understand it is difficult to break the habit of throwing everything into one bin and not caring where it goes.

Our products are mindfully made with recyclable and biodegradable packaging because we want to make mindful shopping easy for you and help reduce your landfill waste.


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